Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Dead Pope Sketch

From the Archives:

A couple of years ago, the magical forces of the comedy cosmos perfectly aligned or if you are a religious person, God proved once again that S/He has one helluva a wicked sense of humor. Pope John Paul II was dying.

Shepard Smith, is a "reporter" from Fox News. That's him up there. Pretty smug looking for a guy that flunked out of the University of Mississippi. The only way you can flunk out of the University of Mississippi is by mispelling Mississippi on on the bursar's check. How did a guy that flunked out of Ole Miss get to be a star reporter on Fox News? al;jfl;fjoennele'ekjggasdfg.8

Sorry, your question made me fall off my chair and knock my keyboard to the floor. Take a good look at Shepard (btw, who names his kid Shepard? Maybe he got kicked out Ole Miss for mispelling his own name). Note the widely spaced, bedroom eyes and the plump, cock sucking lips and the eyelashes, can't really see it in this photo but the guy knows his Mabelline.

So, Shepard Smith breaks the news that the pope is dead, but the pope isn't dead, Fox News is wrong. Had to happen eventually. So then Shepard Smith has to break the news that the pope is not dead. Then the pope really does die so Shepard Smith finally does get to break the news that the pope is dead and the pope is really dead.

Which totally reminded me of Monty Python's Dead Parrot Sketch only the Norwegian Blue has been replaced with Pope John Paul II and you can finish with the Bring Out Your Dead bit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. God bless Shepard Smith and Monty Python and your God with a sense of humor!

The funny thing about this bit is that it is the only bit I ever submitted to National Lampoon that they passed on because it wasn't funny. They had passed on other bits. I remember once that I submitted a limerick about a Pakistani woman with really big areolas. They liked the bit but had just run a similar one. I also sometimes submitted bits that were deemed too offensive. I see you shuddered. Yes, there are things too offensive for National Lampoon and some of those things are in my head. But the senior editor wasn't offended, he just thought that The Dead Pope Sketch wasn't funny. He said something like, "this isn't funny, it's just like that old Monty Python bit." The managing editor liked it but he didn't get the final vote.

You decide, The Dead Pope Sketch.

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