Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Glory Days - Books I Writed Part 5

More books from the box in my mom's attic.

Torpedo to Ecstasy book written by Bob Melonosky about water nymphsTorpedo to Ecstasy, 1995 -- Water nymphs need love too.

A Rouladen the Hay written by Robert Melonosky, A Herbie Brown Buck Private True Nazi Adventure with grossen tittsenA Rouladen the Hay, 1998 -- Books with German puns were publishing gold in the late 1990's. This one had a fräulein that was kleiner in the hippsen and grossen in the tittsen. And Nazis.

She's Kill for a Maxi-Pad written by Bob Melonosky. She went on a bloody rampage during that special time of the month.She'd Kill for a Maxi-Pad, 2002 -- Ever come home from work with the milk, the take-out Chinese and a box of Light Days (for use with light flow during the first and last days of her period)? Don't.

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