Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Star Wars Mashup

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My Star Wars mashup. It is not gay despite what my brother says. For you Who aficionados, that's the late, great John Entwistle's pee stain.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Glory Days - Books I Writed Part XIII

More books from the box in my mom's attic.

The Dork that Could Fly written by Bob Melonosky
The Dork That Could Fly, 1997.  A sequel to the highly regarded 20th Century Fox film of 1986, The Boy That Could Fly. High School guidance counselor Harvey Peckerman learns the secret of flight by waterboarding that "autistic" troublemaker. Harvey chooses to use his flying ability for good including partying with a Marylin Monroe drag queen and banging the cute, curly-haired girl from the movie who is now over eighteen and legal in all 50 states.

I Made Fun of her Art Project written by Bob Melonosky
Made Fun of her 10th Grade Art Project, 2003. Myrna was the girl of my dreams. She was gorgeous, smart, a great little cook and a whore in bed. What a dame! Everything was perfect until I made fun of the bust of Julius Caesar she made back in public school.

Too Much Mascara written by Bob Melonosky
Too Much Mascara, 1989. When this horrible war was over, I was gonna take her back with me to Kansas, get hitched, and make us a family -- just like my daddy did and his daddy before him. But Sgt. Flint was never gonna let that happen. He didn't think the problem was Mabelline. He thought Sue Lee was a Jap, a dirty Jap spy. One of us was going back to the States in a box.