Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Star Wars Mashup

star wars mashup, the who, who's next, funny star wars
My Star Wars mashup. It is not gay despite what my brother says. For you Who aficionados, that's the late, great John Entwistle's pee stain.


  1. Alright Bob,
    Its been on here quiet lately, I hope you are enjoying your summer! I also hope you have time to write something on Gov. Christie's appearance on national television tonight!

  2. Mike!

    As much as I hate Chris Christie and rightwing nutjobs, I can not sit through either parties convention. I'm amazed that anybody can change their opinion based on that scripted bullshit.

    BTW, you do realize that you are the probably the only person that reads this blog other than me. People come accidently in search of cameltoes and Alyssa Milano's pussy but then they quickly leave.

    Thanks for the comment!