Monday, February 22, 2010

Hot Women of Curling - The Dupont Sisters of Team Denmark - Wearing Almost Nothing

Today's guest blogger is a frequent contributor of insightful posts and unsightly stains, my dick.

When I first saw this image I said, "Vad har en 50-öring med en naken Madeleine Dupont att göra?!" Maddy! Say it ain't so! It couldn't be my sweet, innocent Madeleine Dupont, half of the hot, Dupont sisters of Team Denmark. You remember them. They turned me against my own country -- when they gave me all those come-hither looks over the big, rock in their hands.

All of you laughed when I told you that watching curling was a major turn on. Now the world has taken my advice and jumped on the Danish pastry cart.

So, is that really Madeleine (or maybe Denise) Dupont showing us a bit of her corner guard? Or is it a photoshopped pornoqueen?

Hurray! It is Madeleine Dupont, showing off her sweet, Danish treats to raise money for her curling team. To see what I've hidden under the curling stone, just google "madeleine dupont kalendar." Trust me, she's more delicious than a prune danish.

This got me thinking... if McDonalds, and Coke, and Budweiser, and AT&T, and the list goes on forever, didn't sponsor the U.S. Olympic Team, would our athletes have to pose nude to afford uniforms, and gloves, and other stuff?

More importantly, would I be able to buy a calendar with Nicole Joraanstad posing in nothing but a broom? Damn you, McDonalds!

Nicole Joraanstad could melt the ice in Antarctica. Look how cute she looks wearing culottes and shoes she stole from a pilgrim. Do you think it's an accident that the edge of that monitor is lodged snuggly in between her ass cheeks? It is not!

Quick Note - I must be smitten. I actually looked up the schedule for Team Denmark and their next match is today against the UK at 2 PM. My brother says that the English skip is 19 and easy on the eyes. NBC better not screw this up!

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  1. I really liked what you did, specially the way like you picked the illustrations, I think they are special... I will visit the blog everyday because I just wanna read each entry done, anyway, Nicole Joraanstad could be my mom, yet all... she's a gorgeous lady.