Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Notre Dame Fighting Highlighters

ugly Notre Dame basketball uniforms funny

Have you seen the greatest basketball uniforms ever created? Leave it to the Catholics, an organization that knows a thing or two thousand about eye-catching getups, to come up with a uniform that will actually help their team win.

After 10 minutes of looking at these horrendously ugly, retina-melting uniforms, the opposing teams eyes begin to water and many start to projectile vomit.  This often results in easy layups for the Fighting Irish.

You can't deny that day-glo green is a classy color. When I think of day-glo green, I think of those glowing sticks they sell at concerts that you can get 12 for 25 cents, or that cheap yet cool, green slime that gets covered in dog hair and pizza crumbs the second you get it out of its package.

Mike Brey, the head coach of the Notre Dame basketball team, when asked about the nauseating uniforms replied, "The dudes like 'em. If it helps me recruit better dudes, I'll wear the uniform."

This quote reverberated throughout the Catholic World. There is another significant Catholic institution that is having trouble recruiting dudes, namely the priesthood. The new pope was quick to jump on the day-glo bandwagon.

funny new pope ugly Notre Dame uniform

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