Friday, May 24, 2013

New NBA Logo

funny new NBA logo,Hibbert adn Battier

New NBA logo proposed by Eric Stangel.

Shane Battier nailing Roy Hibbert in the groin balls nads you can ring my bell

Based on the funniest play in the first game of the Pacers Heat series. You have to admit that it is much more dynamic and action-packed than the old logo of Jerry West leaning slightly to the right. However, it doesn't really capture the crux of the play, Battier nailing Hibbert in the nads.

funny new alternate NBA logo

Adding an ouch helps. This exercise proves two things. I stink at photoshop and creating logos is harder than it looks.


Anybody who has ever played a game of basketball on a playground knows that Shane Battier is full of shit.  Anybody who has ever played a game of basketball on a playground has gone to the hoop with the sole intention of kneeing the other guy in the balls. It almost never happens by accident.

It usually occurs when the game is getting chippy and everyone's tired.  It was one of my "go to" moves. I have performed it in industrial leagues in Huntington and my old home court at the  playground on E. 15th Street.

If I ever tried it with Roy Hibbert, I would nail him slightly below his knee. I have a vertical leap worse than Jason Kidd.

Did I ever tell you about the time Woody Harrelson and Storm Phillips showed up at our lunchtime game at the 14th Street Y? I did? That was some righteous weed.

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