Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Enough Already! Google and Sesame Street and Kim Kardashian, the Unholy Trinity

I get it. Sesame Street has been around a long time. Enough with the fricking Google logos.

Last night I am in Defcon 1. Halftime is almost over and I need to get back to the game, pronto. I punch out of xhamster and head over to the always reliable Google. I start typing kardashian bj with my right hand while my left hand is busy goo-goo-googling and who is looking down at me? Fricking Elmo! I really don't need a 5 year old puppet watching me while I go about my business.

The other night it was the cookie monster, Saturday it was the purple, metrosexual vampire guy. Google, throw me a bone and after 11 PM, logo me up some vintage Maria from circa 1979!!!

I stole these photos of Maria from FranklinMintBlog -- google, please feel free to steal them from me.


  1. I cannot comment anything because I am without words , because the photo of kardashian is spectacular , she is so sexy and beautiful, she is like porn star.

  2. Interesting post dear blogger. I've been reading this entries and I think we can share a lot of things between us as pictures and melodies.