Monday, October 10, 2011

Alabama's Own Statue of Liberty

alabama statue of liberty immigration policyAlabama has its own Statue of Liberty. It's in Birmingham. Not a gift from France but from the founder of the Liberty National Life Insurance Company -- which makes it better than the Yankee one. It's also better because it's smaller. You can take dramatic photos of it being dwarfed by the American flag. You can not do this with the Yankee statue unless you built a flagpole that was a mile long and took a photo from a helicopter.

Secret Agent Maxwell Smart, upon seeing the Birmingham statue said, "That's the second biggest Statue of Libery I've ever seen." And he was right.

Sadly, the Tea Party held a good old fashioned Statue Toppling and Book Burning yesterday.

toppling the statue of liberty, tea party fun, great ideas for your next tea partyThe Daughters of the Confederacy provided refreshments. Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann, the candidate with the highest rating with respect to immigration (NumbersUSA gave her an Excellent for "Oppose Amnesty" and a full KKK rating for "Hatred/Racist") was in attendance. Though she was busy firing an automatic weapon into the air, she was kind enough to give us a quote, "About darn time, I don't know who I hate more the Mexicans, the French or them New York, edumacated women that think they're better than me."

Here's the inscription from Alabama's Statue of Liberty.

alabama's atatue of bigotry says

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