Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is Chris Christie Too Fat to be President?

The pundits at Fox News are claiming that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is too fat to be President of the United States.

Can a really fat guy be President of the United States? I dunno, let's ask former President William Howard Taft...

funny william howard taft fat moustache rides

Oh wait, he's too busy enjoying his retirement.

What' so terrible about a really fat guy being president? Bill O'Reilly says that Governor Christie is weak and lacking in discipline.

new jersey governor Chris Christie too fat to be PresidentGovernor Christie disagreed... until I offered him an Oreo cookie -- then he agreed to agree. For two Oreo cookies he fixed a couple of parking tickets and gave me a free helicopter ride. For a Mallomar, he said I could have his wife, Snooki and Joe Piscopo for a few hours while he ate dinner. Sadly, I did not have a Mallomar.

fat stupid and from Jersey is no way to go through life son, Chris Christie too fat to be presidentFat and skinny had a race
Fat fell down and broke his face
Skinny basically reneged on every campaign promise and has turned out to be either the biggest, ineffectual pussy since Jimmy Carter or more conservative than Hillary Clinton and I can't believe all the time I wasted working for that lying skinny-ass douchebag.

In conclusion, is Chris Christie too fat to be president? No, but he is too much of a rightwing nutjob elitist scumbag that has fucked over every decent person in New Jersey that isn't a fucking multi-millionaire. And he still has two more years...


Make that 4 more years.  Chris Christie is the new George W. Bush.  He effortlessly fakes that he is a regular guy when he is the farthest thing from it.  He is an elitist scumbag but he is very, very charming on camera. 

Be frightened people.  All he needs is a Karl Rove and he will fuck us all over with a smirk and another slice of pie.

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