Thursday, January 12, 2012

Glory Days - Books I Writed - Part 3

More books from the box.
hightops hijinx written by bob melonoskyHightops Hijinks, 1985. The very first example of Chuck Taylor Sci Fi. They worked in the car wash by day; at night, they used their supersoakers to keep Terra safe from all those who would do her harm.

the girl with the memorable birthmark written by bob melonoskyThe Girl with the Memorable Birthmark, 1992. I really should sue. Socially awkward and misunderstood skinny chick fucks up the man. I was gonna set it in Sweden but got lazy and went with LA.

which end goes in first? written by bob melonoskyWhich End Goes in First?, 1986. Seriously, my work in feminist Sci Fi is the stuff of legend.

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