Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yellow Fever... Catch It

jeremy lin racist fortune cookie image MSG Madison Square Garden NetworkI'm watching the Knick game last night on the Madison Square Garden Network (MSG) and while Walt "Clyde" Frazier was summarizing the dishin' and swishin' this image replaced the game highlights.

Wow. Is Isiah Thomas the only guy at Madison Square Garden that knows how to use photoshop?

When the camera cuts to an adorably cute Asian woman holding a sign that says "Jeremy, Me Love You Lin Time" I shake my head -- but I figure that Asians are allowed to make fun of Asian stereotypes, it's akin to African-Americans using the n-word or Jews doing the whole Jewish humor thing.

But MSG mashing up a goofy photo of their new Asian star and a fortune cookie? That's pretty damn insensitive. Remember, Confucius say, "Point of Chinese point guard not to guard point but to point to Jesus."

Christian Jeremy Lin points to Jesus

Was MSG just having a bad day? Then I remembered the graphic they used after the last Miami Heat game.

Jeremy Lin racist fortune cookie image MSG and an equally racist LeBron James image
If you gave me basketball, a watermelon, Lebron James looking goofy and the freedom to be as racist as MSG, and told me to come up with a funny gag line, I would say, "Are you kidding me? That's too easy."
But I came up with nothing. And my goto racist guys came up with nothing too.
Somebody out there can do better, right?

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