Friday, February 1, 2013

Chris Culliver - Gayest Homophobe Photo Ever

Chris Culliver gay or gay bashing homophobe

Hi guys, I'm Chris Culliver, hate-filled scumbag. I'm looking to hookup with a like-minded individual. Don't let my chiselled exterior and full bush scare you boys away. I love walks in the park, rainbows and unicorns with really long horns.

Gayest photo of a homophobe ever? I don't know -- but it probably makes the top ten.

If Chris Culliver had aimed his hate-filled remarks at blacks or Jews or Muslims or women, the 49ers would have suspended him. But attacking gays? NFL don't have no problem, Cully-In-Da-House, ppl!!!

I know what you're thinking, don't pick on poor, not-so-bright Chris Culliver, his brain don't know what his heart be thinking. Have you ever visited his twitter account? Might be the poor guy spells with his gall bladder. Is 29 his number, and his IQ? Wait, give the guy a break. He apologized didn't he? Did he?

Chris Culliver gay or gay hating sumbag

Chris Culliver spent his college career as a Fighting Gamecock of the University of South Carolina. Uh oh, here come the hundreds of football/homosexual euphemisms or if Chris were spelling it, youvisms. Do you have to take the SAT to go to South Carolina, wear spandex and dry hump a Bulldog, Gator or the occasional Aggie?

So, once again watching the Super Bowl will be like watching Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh mudwrestling. There's nobody to cheer for. You end up sitting there and hoping they both choke to death on slop.

funny super bowl XLVIII

On one side is a probable double murderer and cheater whose close personal friend named Jesus Christ told him to retire, and on the other side is a hate-filled, homophobe from San Francisco.

Pass me a beer, the wide reciever is beating the man to man and going deep in the end zone.

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