Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Glory Days: I was in a band, Jackie and The...

Jackie Spank and the Monkees

Right after high school, I played guitar in a band.  If you hung out in the small clubs on Long Island that actually had live music, you probably remember us. We played mostly surfer punk, some rockabilly, and always did a kickass Freebird because there were always these dicks in the audience who thought they were funny and screamed for it during the whole set.

I'll never forget our first night. We were friends with a band that had a regular friday night gig. They got a better one-time gig and asked us to cover for them. The owner was pissed but we brought along enough friends that were serious drinkers so he let us go on.

We didn't have a real name so we used Jackie Spank and the Monkees because we liked to masturbate a lot. Luckily, Rick the drummer, had a great look and a great looking girlfriend with a camera, so I have photographic evidence.

That one night became our regular gig. We thought it would be funny to change our name slightly every time so The Monkees became The 1-Outs became The Chickens.

Jackie Rub and the 1-Outs
Jackie Rub and The 1-Outs

Jackie Choke and the Chickens
Jackie Choke and The Chickens

Jackie Mast and the Urbators
Jackie Mast and The Urbators

Jackie Mix and the Baby Batters
Jackie Mix and The Baby Batters

When we finally got the chance to record a demo, we went with Jackie Jack and The Offs.  Then Jack went to college so we became just The Offs. I still have a t-shirt.

Jackie Jack and The Offs

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