Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Donald Trump Hates Mexicans and Jews. Loves Nazis. Tweet, Tweet.

Donald Trump tweet Nazi funny

Donald Trump tweeted this image yesterday of himself and a bunch of Nazis.   It's a campaign ad.  Turns out The Donald hates Mexicans, and Jews.

Don't believe me?  Look.

Donald Trump Nazi tweet funny

Donald Trump, who never takes responsibility for anything, blamed a "very young intern."  A very young intern designed a campaign ad and didn't get approval from anyone on staff?  He'll probably be Trump's Secretary of State.

The only thing Republicans love more than fear is hate so naturally Donald Trump's poll numbers went up.  He's number 1!!!

I know how to improve Donald Trump's poll numbers even more.

Donald Trump Nazi tweet Hitler Hates mexicans tweet

Less subtle, more votes. Where do I apply for an internship?

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