Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Wouldn't Fuck Bristol Palin with Ann Coulter's Dick!

From an article in Harper's Bazaar.

Can someone explain this?

bristol palin dressed up in very expensive gown. glamour teen motherhood Actual caption: Family recipe: Willow helps her sister in the kitchen. Carolina Herrera dresses.

bristol palin dressed up in very expensive dress. glamour teen motherhood Actual caption: Tea Party movement: Bristol at home with son Tripp. Lanvin gown, $4,385. Barneys New York, L.A.; 310-276-4400. Karma El Khalil earrings, $13,750. Giorgio Armani ring, $650. 310-271-5555. Kathy Rose for Roseark bracelet, $13,000.

My sincere apologies to William Safire and Jeffrey Ross.

My sincere thanks to Princess Sparkle Pony.


  1. $13 000 for a bracelet. i'd fuck that bracelet.

  2. Bobby,

    Irony, my friend. A rare example of American irony.


  3. That's a pretty disgusting headline, there. Why? Not needed.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    The headline refers to a running gag that has been active for months between me and a Bill Safire, a regular commentator.

    Since, you seem to be lacking in the sense of humor department, let me explain. A running gag is a device "that takes the form of an amusing joke or comical reference that is repeated throughout a work of literature" or in this case, a blog.

    It is based on a famous joke first told by Jeffery Ross at a Friar's Roast for Pamela Anderson. Mr. Ross stated that he wouldn't fuck Pamela Anderson with Bea Arthur's dick, a reference to Ms. Anderson's tendency to be ridden with STDs. Ms. Arthur, who was in the audience, gave a now legendary comic take in reaction to Mr. Ross.

    I hope this explanation helps you understand the reason for the offensive title.