Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ESPN Humor: Girls & Sports - Dating Do's and Don't's has a regular cartoon strip called "Girls & Sports" that is never funny. Even the title of the strip sucks. I've got a meeting with the suits up in Bristol next week where I'm going to pitch a comic called "Girls, Sports, Beer & Video Games."

Here's today's cartoon:

ESPN's Girls and Sports sucks the funny out of not Wow, that is so bad that even Derek Anderson wouldn't laugh at it. (Yeah, I'm kissing some serious ESPN ass but forgive me, I really need a paying gig.) You draw a beefy guy wearing Big Ben's number 7, and the guy has a death grip on the wrist of a hot little chick, and that's all you got?

Here's my shot at being funnier:

ESPN girls and sports funny
I could, go, all, the, way!!!

With little cartoon Joann and with this bit. Expect more, it's way too easy. And if you are from ESPN, instead of threatening to sue me, let's talk about ways to put funny into your humor.


  1. 1st slide
    Ben- Hey Baby, I'm drunk. How bout a mouth hug for the SuperBowl 40 Champ?
    Girl-All you men are the same! You think that fame and fortune will get you any woman, any time, any where! You are a chauvanist pig!
    2nd slide
    *anger smoke coming from girl's head*
    *lightbulb over Ben's head*
    3rd slide
    Ben-My Big Ben hangs ten
    Girl-i wanna suck your dick *love hearts come from her head*

  2. Mike,

    Thanks for the comment!

    Big Ben hangs ten! I like it, you should make a t-shirt.