Thursday, December 2, 2010

More ESPN Humor: Girls and Sports - No Ugly Chicks Allowed has a regular cartoon strip called "Girls & Sports" that is never funny. You think the title of the strip sucks? Wait until you get to the punchlines.

Here's today's cartoon:

Awful girl? Is that how guys at ESPN talk?

I haven't been reading this stuff for long so I have no idea who the hell Marshall and Harris are. Maybe they're richer than Bill Gates or nicer than Mother Theresa, but, if they are just loser, douchebag posers that sit home every night watching Sportscenter, then they should be thanking their Personal Savior Jesus Christ like Kurt Warner after a win.

Look at the rack on Jessie! That dwarf Harris could get lost in them thar hills.

Here's the part where I try to be funnier:

espn cartoon ain't funny girls sports

espn girls sports cartoon funny
Wait just one minute, Bob! That's you. You're always in italics and dark blue.

Wait just one minute, Bob! Give and go is a sports reference. Therefore, the strip qualifies as Girls & Sports.

Did you fail to notice that I cleverly replaced "a lot in common" with "both Packer fans?"



  1. Bobby,

    The crappy cartoonist got one from ESPN, you got nothing.

    Obviously, your expose on Wall Street Journal and ESPN comic strips has revealed that funny is not the point. Perhaps this cartoons are meant to be enjoyed like Dick Tracy, Prince Valiant and Hagar the Horrible.


  2. Bill,

    Ouch! You cut me deep.

    Not supposed to be funny? Interesting theory. It it's true, they are both very successful.