Friday, December 17, 2010

A Very Special Sarah Palin Alaska Christmas

Re-wrapped, re-gifted, repeat, from deep within the archives, for your Christmas comedy enjoyment, Sarah Palin and a kid kill stuff.

Special Sarah Palin Alaska Christmas Edition - Sarah Palin, determined to put the Christ back in Christmas, kills reindeer.

funny sarah palin christmas

Sarah Palin spending quality time with a boy
that looks cold. Christians in Alaska enjoy a Christmas
that is a little bit better than us regular folks.

funny sarah palin christmas

Sarah Palin putting the Christ back in Christmas!
Probably not really a reindeer but close enough
for this New Yorker. Can you be more funny?
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funny sarah palin christmasJesse Gonder of Little Rock, AR submits this frightening
Fotoshop Funny. When you think about it,
Santa is a socialist!!! Can't Sarah see the North
Pole from her front step? Has she alerted the
Alaska Air National Guard? Sarah Palin weak on socialists?
I don't think so!

funny sarah palin christmas

VinceDontNoNuthin29 of Jacksonville FL went with a surefire
moose mention and some down home g-droppin'.
I may know nuthin' about no huntin' but that ain't no
moose. Elk, maybe, reindeer, could be, caribou,
probably, but sure as shootin' ain't no Bullwinkle.

funny sarah palin christmas

From jcMartin9, whereabouts unknown. Violence against
a journalist can never be tolerated, unless we're
talking an elitist, Washington insider at CNN. The only
thing Sarah Palin hates more than that Jesus-bashing Santa Claus
is the mainstream media.

funny sarah palin christmas

Ouch! Claude E. Lockwood 's vicious punch to the gut
left me gasping for air. Only complaint, too many
words. But funny is funny!

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  1. I have to say, this images are so cruel, I don't like this kind of funny images...