Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pound the Budweiser's Tuesday Tweets of the Week*

funny Boring Horror Movie tweets, The Ex Has A Cyst, funny The Exorcist

On October 19th, twitter had a meme called #BoringHorrorMovies. For the twilliterate, that means Boring Horror Movies. I went batshit crazy and you missed the fun because you do not follow me on twitter. Here are my boring horror movie tweets in roughly the order I tweeted them.

funny boring horror movies, House of Wax Poetic

The House of Frank Epstein
The Ex Has A Cyst
Psycho Somatic
Rosemary's Abortion
Night of the Leavened Bread
Interview With a Damp Liar
I Know What You Did Last Summer Because I am Your Teacher and I Have to Grade Your Paper
Godzilla Talks About Golf
The Last House on the Left has a For Sale Sign
Night of the Unleavened Bread (because it would be more boringer and way more horrific)
House of Wax Poetic
Abbott and Costello Meet Bill Maher
Stephen King's Shit
Children on My Lawn

funny boring horror movies, Abbott and Costello Meet Bill Maher, funny Bill Maher seriously

*IN TECHNICOLOR! When I tweet, 9 followers 8 followers 6 followers 8 16 followers can see it. When I blog, 600 visitors a day can see it. Sadly, 99.99999% of these blog visitors are looking for Bristol Palin's camel toe, how to eat a pussy diagrams and Sandra Bullock's ass.

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