Friday, April 11, 2014

Queen Latifah's Melons

Sometimes this blog makes me smile.

Queen Latifah's net worth

Like when I saw "Queen Latifah's melons" as a search term in the site statistics.  Somebody typed "Queen Latifah's melons" into google and then visited my site.  Cool.  But why?

Queen Latifah's real name

Turns out that I'm number 1 for "Queen Latifah's melons" on google image search.  Yippee!  Click on the photo of Queen Latifah in the top left-hand corner and you end up at my blog.

I took my own trip to wikipedia and found out that when she isn't busy fulfilling all the duties required of the reigning Queen of Latifah, Queen Latifah is an accomplished, amateur botanical geneticist, responsible for the creation of the Latifah melon (Scientific name: Danaelainus owenis).  It's a delicious cultivar of the traditional honey dew and the rare French Charentais.

Sadly, there are no melons belonging to Queen Latifah here.  That google guy left disappointed -- which saddens me.  After an exhaustive search of the internet that took 5 minutes, I could not find a single photo of "Queen Latifah's melons" to share with everyone.

Queen Latifah with fruit

Will citrus do?  Looks juicy.

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