Monday, July 28, 2014

The NFL: Violence Against Women? Not So Bad

Back on February 20th, I made a prediction about Ray Rice punching a woman.

RayRice punches a woman prediction punishment ridiculous

Commissioner Roger Goodell gave Ray Rice a two day suspension.  If you're an NFL player and smoke a joint in the privacy of your own apartment, you get four days.  If you punch the snot out of a woman until she's unconscious then get caught on video dragging her out of elevator to cover up the crime, you only get two days.

Roger Goodell is sending a message.

NFL pink logo violence against woman NFL cares breast cancer awareness

Ouch.  That's tough.  Did you not hear?  Ray Rice a punched a woman until she collapsed, unconscious.   Ouchy ouch.

Baltimore coach John Harbaugh is making like Tammy Wynette and standing by his man.  What if Ray Rice was caught dragging John Harbaugh's wife out of an elevator after knocking her out?

What if Ray Rice punched his coach into unconsciousness and got caught on video dragging John Harbaugh out of an elevator?  Is Roger Goodell soft on Violence Against Coaches?

Of course when the season starts and everyone goes pink for NFL Cares About Breast Cancer, all this will be forgotten.  Nike and the NFL have to sell jerseys.

Ray Rice pink jersey violence agasnst woman NFL funny

What woman wouldn't like a Officially-Licensed Limited-Edition Pink Sweetheart Ray Rice Nike Baltimore Ravens #27 jersey?  It's shiny and pink, and form-fitted, so that your breasts really stand out. 

I have another prediction.  Ray Rice's pink jersey will not be a best seller, except in Baltimore.

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