Monday, November 24, 2014

George W. Bush Books I Writed -- Part 1

You didn't believe I wrote twenty-seven books about George W. Bush for the Alabama National Air Guard True Life Adventure Series?  I found the box.

George W. Bush officer dinner funny Bob Melonosky
Lt. George W. Bush in Dinner at the Officer's Club, 1996 -- A lighthearted look at the dining options available at the Officer's Club during the Vietnam era.  Lt. Bush preferred a Cornish game hen with black truffle sauce, red wine and a little head. 

George W. Bush Alabama air national guard story funny Bob Melonosky
Lt. George W. Bush in a Foreign Exchange Student from UA  Birmingham, 2001 -- Before the femo-democrats started painting date rape as a bad thing, Lt. Bush was quite the lady's man.

George W. Bush officer purple heart Bob Melonosky
Lt. George W. Bush in A Purple Heart for a Hernia, 1994 --  A Purple Heart, three nurses and enough morphine to put a smile on his mother's face, pretty good for one long weekend.

George W. Bush dead hooker funny Bob Melonosky
Lt. George W. Bush in Another Dead Hooker, 2004 -- It's never the goal, and it often leaves you with a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, but acceptable levels of collateral damage are the price Bush was willing to pay in the pursuit of a really good time.

George W. Bush Andrew Wyeth Christina's World funny Bob Melonosky
Lt. George W. Bush in George Bush Bangs the Chick from Christina's World, 1989 -- If you get this reference, you're at the wrong frickin' blog, my friend.

George W. Bush battle hamburger hill funny Bob Melonosky
Lt. George W. Bush in The Battle of Hamburger Helper, 2002 --  Lt. George W. Bush and his buddies decide that those lucky bastards over in Nam shouldn't have all the fun so they stage the greatest paintball battle of all time.  Bush discovers that paint balls leave little welts so he applies for six Purple Hearts and his daddy makes sure he receives them.  James Caan joined in the fun.

George W. Bush lesbians party high cocaine funny Bob Melonosky
Lt. George W. Bush in I Sold My Soul to the Devil to Party with Two Lesbians, 1986 -- The LGBT community called it "a sensitive portrayal."  Karl Rove called it a "slight exaggeration."

Only two parts and eighteen more books to go!

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