Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Great Moment in Photoshopping History

Great Moment 3
Start with a photo of the 23rd best president, and our largest, William Howard Taft.

Add a photo of comedian Ralphie May, his wife and an actress named Brenda Price. I needed a large guy in a white shirt with a couple of hot women, and when this showed up on google, it was like Jesus was telling me to fire up the old photoshop and get to work. "Hey Jesus, while I have you on the line. Why does Ralphie May get a hot wife and I get squat? Oh yeah, I'm a loser and he's not. Thanks my Lord. Would it be too much to ask for a photo of me with a hot actress making a smoochy face? How many Hail Marys? I'll get back to you on that, Sir."

Swipe a Free Moustache Rides logo off a t-shirt worn by a guy with, you guessed it, a moustache.

Put them all together and give it the old timey black and white treatment and you get President William Howard Taft on the campaign trail.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking, that is a great moment in the history of photoshop but it gets even better. If you search on google image search for William Howard Taft, it shows up eighth!!!

I like to think that there are little school girls and boys all over this great nation pasting my image of William Howard Taft onto a piece of poster board in a last minute effort to finish their class projects.
The crappy thing is that google doesn't link to my site. I mean come on! I put in the 30 minutes of effort it took to make the damn thing. Google links to a frickin' myspace page that stole my image. So, I lose out on all that Taft traffic. Given that I stole the three images I used to create it, it's hard to get too mad.
I used this image in Worst Presidents Ever... in Bed. A bit that also includes a pretty good (not great) photoshop of George W. Bush in a Village People tribute band.

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