Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Protection for your Banana

This morning a mom at work asked me if I thought the kids would tease her son if she sent one of those with him to school everyday. I asked her if she was was planing on packing it in his lunch box or her own box.

It is a good question. Obviously, I would tease the kid, and you would tease the kid, and the janitor would tease the kid, but would another kindergarten kid tease him? And it could make him the most popular boy with the crusty, old lunch aides which would be a good thing.

The problem is that by the time her son gets to eat his lunch, his unprotected banana is always brown and mushy. But if he pampered his delicate fruit from bruising with a Banana Bunker® (available in four attractive colors), all his lunching problems would be solved.

I think I'll tell her to buy one and the two of us can test it out with my banana. I have this funny feeling that no matter how long my banana is in her box, it won't get soft and mushy (yeah, yeah, ok, but 10 minutes at least).

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