Friday, July 9, 2010

Slow News Day = Big, Pink Boobs at the New York Times

Today's guest blogger is a frequent contributor of insightful posts and unsightly stains, my dick.

I was perusing the "Paper of Record," electronically, so no paper was actually involved in my perusal, when I noticed these.

new york times boobs Big, pink boobs. The staid, "All the News Thats Fit to Print," New York Times has strapped on the underwire and is proudly displaying it's broadsheet for everyone to see.

big pink new york times boobs

That added a few column inches to my masthead!

Because this is the "Virtual Paper of Record," the boobs even move. They're preparing the perfect Bloody Mary. Then the camera pulls back revealing an actual woman, the general manager of a trendy NY restaurant, that has a six Bloody Mary mug.

NY Times Editor: "Jesus Christ! Zoom in! Zoom in! Tighter, tighter, good. Beautiful Bloody Mary, my ass! Almost lost the free peanuts and Clamato Cocktail. Wow, talk about the dangers of gonzo journalism."

I'm not a Bloody Mary guy. Give me a perfect Bloody Mary and I'll pop it in the microwave for two minutes and pour it over a bowl of penne.

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  1. Bobby,

    Back in my day, Punch and Pinch made sure that the news stayed on the front page and the big, pink boobs stayed where they belonged, back in the editorial offices!