Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cougar Smackdown - Michaele vs. Danielle: Ripped from the Headlines

cougar fight smackdown michele salahi vs danielle staub

Can you imagine two more different readerships than those of the Huffington Post and the New York Post?

Let's see what the Top 5 most popular stories are today at these shockingly dissimilar news outlets.

1.Yankees take beanball battle; Damon rips Gardner
2. Zac Efron wants to be in 'Memphis' movie
3. IRS files lien against Naomi Campbell
4. Internet thorn in porn world
5. Salahi 'charity' raises zero at premiere party

1. New Jersey 'Housewife' FIRED?
2. Birther Queen Orly Taitz Smacked Down By Supreme Court
3. Kim Kardashian On 'Humiliating' Sex Tape, Her Hairless Body
4. Why We Should Actually Thank Dr. Laura for Her N-Word Rant
5. The Hidden Health Benefits of Alcohol?

Can you tell them apart? I color coded them to help you. The Yankees story is probably the biggest giveaway or maybe the 'Birther Queen' AP report which is not about Octo-Mom but about a dentist that is sueing somebody because Barrack Obama is not a U.S. citizen.

I had to look up Sahali. It refers to those attention whores that crashed a party at the White House. The wife, Michaele Sahali is the latest real houseslut of reality television.

Point is, nobody cares about real news.

sasha grey kim kardashian dr. laura danielle staub micheale

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  1. Bobby,

    Cougar Smackdown - let's pitch it to TLC (The Learning Channel)!

    Insightful ideations illustrating insipid illiterations.