Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fotoshop Funnies - Sarah Palin and a Baby

SACRAMENTO (Reuters) - Sarah Palin will sign a small, Asian child instead of a book if the price is right.

Sarah Palin signing a dead baby

Just best selling author Sarah Palin and
a bunch of regular folks torturing a baby.

funny sarah palin photo, sarah palin killing a baby. the pen is mightier than the sword

Sarah's hatred of Asians was well documented in an
article in the New Yorker (New Yorker, December 12, 2009)
and Sharpies have a silly name because they are not sharp. Can
you be more funny? Leave a comment or
e-mail me.

funny sarah palin photo signing tits

Elio Chacon of Caracas, Venezuela somehow got this
through Homeland Security. I hate Glenn Beck and I hate
Sarah Palin but I do like titties.

sarah palin and jesus christ funny
RonTheMasochistHuntMan has a long name but
sent in a very funny caption. Unfortunately, we all know that
Sarah would quit long before she connected all those flowers!

Life is funny FelixTheCat but you aren't. Recycling my
Sharpie comment will not cut it. What is the deal with
that baby? Asleep? Dead? Ecstasy?

funny sarah palin exorcism

William Randolph of South Carolina sent in this winner.
Even the devil is scared of a Sarah Palin that is writing
something. What if he has to read it!?!

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  1. Bobby,

    Been a little under the weather. Miss me?

    Thought balloon:

    Wow, it's true. Asians are tiny and mongoloids are hung.

    Because that is one teeny-weeny Asian woman and every mongoloid I ever partied with was hung from the chimney with care.

    I'm a little high from the pills.


  2. Bill,

    Thanks for the comment!

    What the hellareyou talking about? Mongoloid as in:

    Mongoloid, he was a mongoloid
    One chromosome too many
    Mongoloid, he was a mongoloid...

    or mongoloid as in one of the three major groups of mankind including the peoples of Asia, the Eskimos, the North American Indians, etc. because they are historically hung like push pins although, unlike you, I have no personal experience.



  3. That is the stupidest most f**king thing I've ever saw