Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Fotoshop Funnies - Flat Sarah Palin Meeting and Greeting

Friday Fotoshop Funny No. 2: Delegates to the recent Texas State Republican Convention paid $500 for the priviledge of posing with a Sarah Palin cardboard cut out. Houston Chronicle, June 2, 2010

That is one short, stumpy, Republican housefrau
or Sarah Palin is taller in cardboard. Flat Sarah!
Sounds like a good project for Social Studies.
I'll give you guys a shot at the boob jokes and the
crease jokes (Look closely, Flat Sarah folds in half
for easy storage!)

Obvious. But in the words of Rush Limbaugh,
"More obvious. More ratings." Can you be more funny?
Leave a comment or
e-mail me.

Albert Bluford Walker from North Carolina sent in this winner.
Can't go wrong underestimating the intelligence of the voting
public. What did happen to Joe the Dumber? I think my
grandmother once had that dress made into a couch.

Thanks to ChuckRuffing15 for this funny contribution.
I know exactly the chick Chuck is talking about.
She's the only reason to rub one out to
that show/movie/another movie.

HarveyTheKitten from St. Louis got serious lols with the
image of Bill O'Reilly trying to make love to Flat Sarah.
Hopefully, Flat Sarah isn't as fertile as Real Sarah.

Dave Wallace from my hometown, NYC sends in the first
penis joke of the day. I know Sarah Palin gives wood to
most of middle America but when I hear her hate talk,
my balls try to crawl up into my abdomen to hide.
Different strokes for different blokes, I guess.

Can you be more funny? Send in your funny joke, I'll fire up the photoshop and if you have a site/blog/facebook/personal ad or whatever, I'll plug you good!

Update 10/28/2010 - More Reader Submitted Captions!

Mike from Whereabouts Unknown reminds
us that Sarah has unusual neighbors.

Mike again, because every Republican
grandmother wants to be just like Sarah Palin.
Now, that's good family values!

Mike submitted a nice simple third one that I felt the need to eff with.

Pound the Budweiser, interactive since 2009!

One more from me, inspired by my witty repartee
with regular contributor William Safire. If you don't check
out the comment section, you are missing out on
some of the best stuff on this blog.


  1. Bobby,

    If McCain had run for president with the piece of cardboard as his running mate, he probably would have won. It looks good but can't talk.


    On Fox you're so wooden, but in real life you're paper thin.

    Because she is wooden in real life and a lightweight like paper.


  2. Bill,

    Thanks for the comment!


    I wouldn't bang Flat Sarah with Flat Ann Coulter's used toliet paper tube.


  3. Bobby,


    Jealous much of that awesome joke I wrote 6 months ago?


    Mrs. Palin? Your crease is showing, again.

    Because her crease is showing and the "again" makes it funny by implying that her crease is often showing.


  4. Bill,

    iSuck but that is not your joke.


    Mrs. Palin, is that another baby in your crease or are you just happy to see me?

    are you gonna take credit for that old joke too?


  5. Bobby,

    There is overwhelming evidence that Sarah did not give birth to the last 2 or 3 additions to the brood. Apparently, Bristol has been sexually active since middle school.


    I'm gonna fold you up and take you home just like you folded up and abandoned your responsibilities as governor of Alaska.

    Because she really pisses me off!


  6. 1) "Mrs. Palin, will you sign my handbag?"
    2) "You might be able to see Alaska from your house, but I can see KFC from mine"
    3) "Is Levi single? My granddaughter would be perfect for him to pump and dump"

  7. Mike,

    Thanks for the comment!

    I'm gonna fire up photoshop and get busy.


  8. Thanks fr the plug Bob!
    I meant to write Russia instead of Alaska in the first submission.

  9. Mike,

    Obviously, as an editor I suck worse than Karl Rove with a mouth full of broken glass (pat. pending)

    I should have caught that -- firing up fotoshop.


  10. Bobby,

    Witty repartee requires the give and take of two sentient beings so this does not qualify.

    Not even a bone thrown this time? Thanks for nothing, old friend.