Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Arizona is... - the State of the Week

Every Wednesday I'm going to post a bit on one of the 50 states, of these United States, in alphabetical order.

First state up, Arizona. I'm skipping Alabama because I hate Alabama.

When I think of Arizona, the first three things I think of are racists, John McCain and pretty desert scenes.

Arizona is the most racist state
What does the world think of Arizona?
Arizona is the worst state When you type "Arizona is the..." into google, you get a bunch of ignorable junk and the following insightful answers:

Arizona is the what state

As in, "What the fuck is wrong with Arizona?"

Arizona is the worst state
Arizona is the best state

These cancel each other out.

Arizona is the sunshine state

Proving my theory that the world is full of stupid people. For you guys keeping score at home, Florida is the Sunshine State. Arizona is The Copper State, The Grand Canyon State, The Police State.

Arizona is the most racist state

Proving my theory that the world has a lot of smart, intelligent people in it that never get to be on TV.

Yes, I have been to Arizona. I have camped on the north and south rim of the Grand Canyon. Little known fact, I have never slept indoors in Arizona. Well known fact, the north rim kicks the south rim's aspens.

I would live in New Mexico and commute.

Where in Arizona is the crater? There it is.

where in Arizona is the crater

Another little known fact, I stole this bit from today is my birthday!

More Arizona bashing, my world famous Aryan-zona poster (suitable for framing).


  1. Bobby,

    Was this supposed to be funny because it is not.

    Arizona Love It or Leave It!

    And if you're Brown let us show you to the door!


    1. Eat shit you racist a hole

  2. Bill,

    Funny was the goal. Funny, and a new, regular feature that would make frequent posting easier. Unfortunately, I just found out google doesn't supply nice fill-ins for all the other states.

    Damn Bill Gates to hell!


  3. Bobby,

    Is Bill Gates a golfer? I'm getting sick of Haldeman's whining.

    Does Alaska still come before Arizona alphabetically or has that Palin biatch officially misspelled it or something?


    Question: The Bill Gates line is meant to be funny because google is one of the few computery things he doesn't own, right?

  4. Racism in AZ is actually invisible. You would have to to take a very close look in order to see how bad it really is. I would mostly point to blacks and Asians as the affected. What i find interesting is that the subtle system of discrimination in AZ does not effect the openly gay blacks and Asians. Mexicans have actually been able to hide in the lower class reality available to minorities in AZ comfortably. But soon that will end.

    The main tactic Az uses is just to push and push, till they leave. Take away the places they like to be. Make up laws that only effect a minority. Design things with only white people in mind. And create the illusion of crime in the minority hoods.

  5. Dear Anon,

    Thanks for the insightful comment!

    You should choose a name and start your own blog.