Monday, June 7, 2010

Even More Wall Street Journal Humor Update!

Reader Submitted Captions!!!

Both funnier than the original Wall Street Journal attempt.

Mike took a shot at celebrity cook/celebrity Rachael Ray.

The wife does look like she would spend her day watching the Rachael Ray Show, with her perky ponytail, her I'm-a-smart-blonde eyeglasses and her standing-on-tippy-toes high heels.

Is there a more annoying small breasted woman in show business than Rachael Ray? Why say EVOO a hundred times a show, if you are going to explain that it stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil every frickin' time? Do you just assume we've got to be brain dead because we are watching your show? I almost made her Blue Cheese Spaghetti with Dried Cranberries until I realized that it would actually look better going out than going in (taste better, too!).

Regular contributer Bill Safire made fun of the ridiculous pose of the husband and the demise of print journalism. The husband looks like one of those life sized muppets that takes five guys to work and never, ever, looked good.

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  1. Bobby,

    Thanks for the bone. What's the matter? Zero Mostel's sphincter too edgy for the Lampoon guy? PC pussy.


  2. I always read the Wall Street Journal and I think it's one of the best newspapers. It's all about interpretative journalist and I just love this.