Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Fotoshop Funnies - Sarah Palin and Henry Kissinger in Love

Here at PtB we are instituting a new weekly feature, Friday Fotoshop Funnies. I see you shiver with anticipation, or maybe your brain has really had enough of these pedestrian, half-baked rip-offs of the old National Lampoon Foto Funnies that have clogged up the internet pipes. Toughtitties.

Given that this place has become Sarah Palin-palooza lately let's start with a classic Fotoshop Funny from my old site (voted by as the leftist comedy site most likely to be mispelled).

Premise, blank photo stolen from the web. We all supply funny stuff. Here's the The Onion-esque tagline.

Friday Fotoshop Funny No. 1: Sarah Palin made her diplomatic debut yesterday when she met President Karzai, President Alvaro, and former Secretary of State Kissinger. Governor Palin remarked, "Ya know, they were pretty nice for foreigners but that last guy's accent? Are ya kiddin' me?"A.P. September 24, 2008

This photo has unbounded possibilities. Feel
free to use thought or dialogue balloons.
We'll change 'em for you.
e-mail me

We took the lowest road, his unbelievable
past as a stud bagel and her obvious fear of
the unfamiliar. Can you be more funny?

Ed Glynn of New York, NY was our first
reponder. He loses points for reusing Marlo
but kraut talk and schtupp? Always funny.
Send me yours!!!

Thanks to Anna Benson of Atlanta, GA. Sex and Jesus,
always a winner. What would Jesus do is so 1997,
but still, it gave me a smile -- much like Sarah's smile
in this photo. She looks like a trapped lemming.
Maybe its that big, meaty Kosher hand that
has her dainty little Christian paw pinned to her thigh.

This submission was sent in by Clinton M.
Hurdle of the Great State of Michigan. I have
to hand it to him, his hand line is better than mine.

Sent in by RichFolkersIowa38. Henry the K has been
involved in historic negotiations with China,
Russia, and the entire Middle East but, by far,
his most famous quote is about banging stewardesses. Nice!

Kelly Calabrese of San Diego, CA hits a dinger.
Timely and satiny. BTW, you can get sheets
made out of that material from the
Wilt Chamberlain collection at Saks Fifth Avenue .

From Delbert Unser, Decauteur, IL. Two
clean Fotoshop Funnies in a row? Maybe
now we can renew our membership in Focus on the Family.

Can you be more funny? Next friday a brand spanking new Friday Fotoshop Funnies, or not.


  1. Bobby,

    Recycling old trash again?

    I guess I should expect it from a trenchantly truculent tree-hugger like you.

    Dr. Henry is now neither an extinct volcano nor an erupting one; rather, he oozes his love lava from a fissure found far beneath the surface of his Size 76 trousers.


  2. Bill,

    You were always jealous of Dr. Kissinger. Admit it, you attentively ass-kissing arbiter of asseveration!

  3. Dr. K- "Are you the new cleaning lady?"
    Sarah- "No, and I'm sorry about the oldstimers"

  4. Mike,

    Thanks for the comment!

    Firing up photoshop as I type. Gotta a site to plug?


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