Friday, January 14, 2011

The Last (I Promise) Story I'd Like to See in 2011 - Mel Gibson Rises From the Ashes

Mel Gibson Better than Gefilte Fish

funny mel gibson photo Gibson's List movie poster
Mel Gibson is once again the darling of Hollywood when he releases his loving remake of Schindler's List on the Jewish holiday, Tisha B'av. Immediately nominated for 27 Golden Globes, Gibson's List is filmed entirely in Yiddish. Gibson, portraying the fictional character Oskar Gibson, is lauded for his performance -- including his spot on accent. Mel also plays the smaller, supporting roles of Moe and Curly Howard and Larry Fine.

Mike Greenberg of ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike in the Morning proclaims, "Better even than the second comings of Michael Vick and Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson has cemented his place at my seder table. Abraham? Very, very, good. Moses? All star. Mel Gibson? Greatest human being ever to grace this or any other planet!!!"

rabbi mel gibson saying kiddish
Rabbi Mel Gibson saying the kiddush before going apeshit crazy.

Mel Gibson's resurrection is short lived. Invited to lead the evening service for Rosh Hashanah at the Beverly Hills Reformed Synagogue, Gibson begins frothing at the mouth and speaking in Aramaic. He then pulls from his pocket two scrolls. The first scroll contains a list of all the Jews in Australia. The second, much bigger scroll, contains a list of all the Jews in Hollywood. All the Jews are identified on maps using "surveyor's marks."

The year ends with the announcement that Mel's next project, due in theaters in 2012, will be Gibson on the Roof. Pre-screenings indicate that Mel Gibson will be holding a violin not an AK-47.

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