Thursday, January 20, 2011

You Guys Amuse and Frighten Me, and Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock looking all hot and Dominican although she's probably going for mexican because she's from the west coast
This is my Sandra Bullock fantasy so I'm going with the chola look. Feel free to replace it with the southern Republican housewife looking Sandra if that's what inflates your dinghy.

Last night, one of my loyal readers, lost in waves of lust and confusion, typed sandra bullock cock in her ass into google. Google, trying its best to help during a time of need, sent the lonely bastard to my blog where he found no relief and no Sandra Bullock participating in physical acts favored by Tony Curtis and Jimmy the Greek.

sandra bullock keywords used to find meWhat kind of desperation causes a man to type that phrase into a search engine? What was he really hoping to find? America's Sweetheart has done a lot of dumb things in her life but getting filmed with a cock in her ass is not one of them.

But my loyal readers, I always aim to please and I make this promise to you. If I ever find myself and my cock in the unlikely position of entering into an agreement with Sandra Bullock's buttocks, I will borrow a good camera and I will get a photo and I will post it on this blog. I'll frame and light the shot correctly, adjust the aperture to maximize the depth of field and I will make sure Sandra Bullock is looking over her shoulder at me by yelling something appropriate in a hoarse, out of breath voice. Something like, "Sandra Bullock! Look at me you dirty chola, look at my penis boldly going where your poopies normally exit your body!"

sweaty sexy sandra bullockHours later, while Sandra Bullock's sweat mingles with my own, as her heartbeat echos through my six-pack abs, I will listen to Wagner's Ring Cycle, to drown out Ms. Bullock's whispers of gratitute and her endless stories about her precious kid.

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  1. What a disgusting story.. seriously, Sandra Bullock is so ugly.. no way.

  2. What a jackass,sandra is a BEAUTIFUL ! women you were probably looking at your wife!!