Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sandra Bullock's New Boyfriend

A friend at US Weekly slipped me a past-up of next week's issue -- featuring a Sandra Bullock exclusive. I have a good feeling about this guy. America's Sweetheart really deserves better. Let's all cross our fingers.

The girl does like her ink!

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  1. Bobby,

    Looks like you spent more than the usual 5 minutes in Photoshop.

    Are you implying that you CAN judge a book by its cover and that Ms. Bullock should be dating a stale loaf of white bread like you?

    Good post, nice and short.


  2. Bill,

    Don't look too close, it wasn't much more than 5 minutes.

    I think that America's Sweetheart should maybe raise the bar a bit. Talking to your potential mate before getting married might be useful or perhaps reading all his tats -- even the fine print.

    Thanks for the comment!


  3. Sandra - pay no attention to those "grotesque goblins of glitterati gossiptivity!"


    I know how much you like my golf stories. Hereyougo,

    Yesterday, I played 18 with the nicest man I've ever met, Vijay Singh.

    Nixon has been pissed off at Halderman for the past week so we're one short but we luck out because Vijah Singh is down here looking at real estate.

    The man got down on his knees and read every putt for Nixon. Every hole. He did this even though Nixon kept calling him the Big Wog, as in,

    "Who does this Big Wog think he is telling Nixon that it cuts to the right? I damn well know the fucker cuts to right I play this patheticfucking course three times a week."

    Vijay read every hole even though Nixon would have shot a 170 if he was honest about his scoring. And after the final hole, when Nixon handed him a dollar and said, "Gunga Din, fetch me a gin and tonic and make it quick or I'll tan your black hide," the Big Fijian just laughed and fetched us all drinks.

    Vijay Singh, hates women, but a very, nice man.


  4. Bill,

    Did Nixon hit you in the head with a 9-iron? You really think Sandra Bullock reads this blog?

    The first rule they teach you in English Lit 101 is that the comment can never be longer than the post!

    This is especially true if the comment contains a golf story. The only person in the world interested in a golf story is the teller.

    I'm glad Vijay Singh is nice. I hope he burns in hell someday so you guys can hang.


  5. Bobby,

    I believe that it acceptable for the comment to be longer than the post if it's actually better reading.

    That's one for the dead guy I believe.

    I cheated today. I had a corn muffin for breakfast. Can you explain how giving up flour for a week equates with suffering 40 years in the desert?


  6. And you and people care because ??? I wonder because thinking about it, I don't found any use for this information.
    Get a life... good luck with that.

  7. if there are any astrologer's out there....Sandra's progressed venus is conjuncting her natal sun....this one is for real and will far outshine any previous is also the year of the dragon, 2012 and she is a dragon...yeah Sandra you have brought me so much joy glad to see joy is coming your way....