Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Example of Why Work is Sucking the Life Out of Me or Writing those Dilbert Cartoons is the Easiest Job in the World

Let's start off with a picture of my coffee mug and the following words, I love my boss (wink). So, while it is true that I hate my job with a passion worthy of Mel Gibson, and it is true that my job is mind-numbingly boring, unfathomly useless and demeaning in ways that only a piss bucket boy from the 1700's would understand, it does pay the bills and I love my boss (wink).

You saw the wink, right?


Somebody I trust, somebody way wiser than me, told me to delete this post. If you missed it, you didn't miss much. It was an email from my boss that was so unbelievably stupid, it was funny. Like that doesn't happen everyday, everywhere, everytime, to all of you.

My boss and everyone else in charge work very hard -- to make the rest of us feel small and insignificant, and miserable. But as someone else much wiser than me also has said, "Work is work. If it didn't suck worse than Karl Rove with a mouth full of broken glass, it wouldn't be work."

Standby, I plan on another post about work that is safe, and full of whimsy and marigolds.

Another bit about My Boss the Douche Bag.


  1. Bob,

    Its been a while. Are you still in Thailand? Obvs. based on the e-mail you are not. Ignore that question. Everytime I click on your blog, I get excited because I say to myself "oh look its Andy Garcia!" That of course if based on your avatar.

    Annoying how you have to go to a meeting to meet and decide when the meeting is going to be. I think that is why we now have e-mails so that we don't have to sit in a room to figure shit out. We can figure shit out on e-mails.


  2. Bobby,

    You conniving cube creatures are the cause of the current dimple in capitalism's chin.

    Stop whinning like a woman and get back to work!!! If you improve your attitude and your work ethic, then someday you may crawl out from your pathetic, dark and dingy cubicle into the sunlight of the corner office, the home of all truly great Americans.

    Remember, Jesus was the first capitalist.

    William Safire

  3. WannaB,

    Thanks for the comment! I'm back in NYC!


    I'm gonna reply to your comment after I have had a few at lunch. What kind of kool-aid is Satan making you drink down there?


    The 10 minute "gathering" started 20 minutes late because one guy showed up at the office late and we had to wait for him. Eight people were present. It lasted 27 minutes.

    Now, I have a staff "gathering" in the Executive Conference Room at 11:30 to look forward to.

    What is that sucking sound?


  4. Bobby,

    Paranoid pussy mean anything to you?

    You're going to eventually get fired for incompetence anyway -- why not growsomeballs and go out flaming? (pun intended)