Monday, January 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday - My High School German Club

Bob Melonosky high school German Club

There I am with the rest of my High School German Club practicing our "Heils."  I think I got a C+.  I was never very good with my rights and lefts.

Is there anything hotter than a pigeon-toed cutie in a minskirt?  Nein, there isn't.  That's Gisele Kleinhoffer.  At Oktoberfest, she enjoyed my weisswurst while I licked her sauerbraten until her lufte waffed all over my face.

Why does a high school kid decide to study German instead of Spanish, French or Italian?

Maybe German is spoken in the home, or the kid is a loser nerd obsessed with tabletop wargames that required a ruler, a 300 page rule book and little plastic models of Russian T-34s and German Jagdpanzers that he carefully painted so that the camo was authentic and the tail pipes were covered in soot,

or maybe, the German teacher looked like this:

hot teacher miniskirt, upskirt

Mrs. Hoffman, who laughed at my jokes and never made fun of my terrible accent.  Mrs. Hoffman, kleiner in the hipsen and grossen in the titsen.  Mrs. Hoffman, who liked to sit on her desk and wore special pink panties every Friday.  Mrs. Hoffman, the best teacher I ever had until she broke my heart by getting pregnant, going on maternity leave and never coming back.

I really liked Mrs. Hoffman.

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