Thursday, January 22, 2015

A New Bill Belichick Book by Lacey Noonan and Me

new Bill Belichick balls book funny by Lacey Noonan

Deflated Balls to Remember
A new book by Lacey Noonan (with Bob Melonosky)

Selected Excerpts from Deflated Balls to Remember:

"When Bill's balls broke the plane of my end zone, I felt the pressure decrease, pound after pound after pound, until he showered me with his love, just like Richard Seymour and Rodney Harrison showered Bill with gatorade when the Pats won 19 in a row back in 2004."

"Bill's balls grazed the upright but bounced in for the score, my grip firm despite the wetness, thanks to the scuffing up Tom Brady preferred."  Bill Belichick's face stayed exactly the same, his lips forming a line straight and true, his eyes staring blankly,  as he had the greatest orgasm of his entire life.

Finally, I think I've sucked every last drop of humor out of Bill Belichick's balls.

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