Wednesday, February 4, 2015

All-Black Ghostbusters Cast Announced

funny all-female Ghostbusters all-Black Ghostbusters

The all-new, all-Black Ghostbusters are here. 

Bill Cosby, Richard Ayoade, the chubby guy from Key and Peele and Adam Sandler ain't afraid of no ghosts!

With the success of the all-Black Annie and the upcoming all-female Ghostbusters, the studio gave the greenlight to another money grabbing reboot.

Bill Cosby will portray Dr. Peter Venkman, the only parapsychologist that was "good with the ladies."   The chubby and verbose guy from Key and Peele will play the chubby and verbose Ghostbuster Dr. Ray Stantz made famous by Dan Aykroyd.  Dr. Egon Spengler will be performed by Richard Ayoade who has already proven he can be a funny nerd with a Jewfro as Moss on the British  IT Crowd.

Adam Sandler will be the token, not-so-funny white guy on the team, Winston Zeddemore.

Bill Murray, an original Ghostbuster, was depressed by the casting, "I wish my dear friend Garrett Morris was alive so he could cash in on this."  When Mr. Murray was told Garrett Morris was still alive, he displayed his famous quick wit, "Still alive?  Really?  Just like Generalissimo Francisco Franco!  Huh, alive?  I haven't seen him in 30 years."

Eddie Murphy Ghostbusters funny

The casting of minor roles was also announced.  Eddie Murphy has signed on as the uptight douche bag EPA guy that is purposely not funny.  "Unless it's a donkey, Eddie don't do funny," said an Eddie Murphy representative.  Ghostbuster love interest/secretary Janine Melnitz will be performed by Madea Simmons.  Diminutive Kevin Hart will be diminutive Louis Tully portrayed by diminutive Rick Moranis in the original.

Director Paul Feig stated, "We'll hire one of those incredibly talented and unbelievably gorgeous black chicks that nobody's ever heard of that co-star in all those Eddie Murphy movies to be Sigourney Weaver."

The studio released a statement that additional reboots in the planning stage include an all-Latino Ghostbusters. an all-Asian Ghostbusters and an all-James Franco Ghostbusters.

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