Friday, August 21, 2009

Derek Jesus Christ for MVP

There's a lot of talk about Jesus Christ, Jeter Christ, Derek Jesus, Derek Jeter for MVP. I've not got much problem with it but Sweeny Murti, the Yankee reporter for WFAN Sports Radio brought up a good point, how can Derek Jeter be the MVP if he's been the lead off hitter all year and he doesn't lead the Yankees in runs scored. Johnny Damon has the most runs scored. Let's compare.

Runs Jeter-81, Damon-85
Doubles Jeter-21, Damon-29
HRs Jeter-15, Damon-22
RBIs Jeter-54, Damon-68
Walks Jeter-48, Damon-53
BA Jeter-.331, Damon-.285
OB Jeter-.395, Damon-.365
SLG Jeter-.471, Damon-.519

Pretty damn interesting. Both are less than average fielders, with less than average arms and less than average range (despite the Yankee talk "The Fishermen of Wins" is still not a good fielding shortstop. Damon is a corner outfielder so no MVP talk even by John Sterling.

Here's a TEX message to you Yankee fans. The mouth-breathing first baseman with the scrunched up face is your best shot.

As a former catcher, I'm voting for Joe Mauer.

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  1. Rickey seconds your Mauer love. Dude's awesome. Too damned bad the Twinkies roll over and play dead for the Yanks.