Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Michael Vick is a Video Game

Michael VIck is a video game, Michael Greenberg is an asskisser

The Pit: The Michael Vick Dogfighting Video Game
Circus After Dark Productions
Platform: Xbox Rated: Mature
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Product Features

  • Take a young, agressive prospect through the keep all the way to The Show.
  • Start out as a junior handler, shit shoveller, bucket boy, NFL quarterback, enforcer or getaway driver.
  • Need to get rid of puppies that are too nice? Drown 'em, strangle 'em, break their necks, skin 'em, you decide!
  • Play by Cajun Rules or make up your own damn rules.
  • Test your dog's gameness with 12 different bait animals including rabbits, kittens, poodles, and the ever popular Mexican Hairless.

Product Description

Dogfighting, we've all dreamed it but do you have what it takes to join the ranks of the cruel, ruthless dogmen? Heartless enough to turn a lovable scamp into a cold-blooded Grand Champion? Find out, order The Pit: The Michael Vick Dogfighting Video Game today!

Celebrity Reviews

"Not since Jesus of Nazareth has a better, more deserving man risen from the ashes! Michael Vick is the greatest man ever, until Tiger Woods wins another major. I love him and want to bear his children and wipe his ass with my tongue." Mike Greenberg, Mike and Mike in the Morning, ESPN Radio.

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