Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bristol Palin's Heaving Breasts and More Snarky Comments

Because this blog has turned into GetYourselfOffUsingBristolPalinPhotos.com, more of the Dancing Queen (not the gay guy, Bristol).

Random Rude Remarks with photos from last night's performance on DWTS.

bristol palin breasts There is no truth to the rumor that Bristol Palin made it to the finals by eating the other contestants. (FYI, those are her heaving breasts)

bristol palin prom Finally, Bristol has flattering prom photos where she doesn't look 6 months pregnant.

Her partner tried to explain to her that musical chairs was not a style of dance popular in pre-war Berlin, but Bristol always knows better.

And now a cheap shot at her mother, Sarah Palin. This is Sarah Palin's actual prom photo.

sarah palin prom

I have to admit that I'm pretty disappointed. Sarah is not all that. She looks like the chubby wannabe loser in Saturday Night Fever that John Travolta boinks in the backseat and then dumps off the Verrazano Bridge. Believe me, Sarah would not win any beauty pageants in Brooklyn. And that cheap date didn't even buy her a corsage. No wonder she ended up with Todd.

This concludes today's Bristol Palin update. Thanks for coming.

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  1. I would breed with each of Sarah Palin's daughters after raping them in front of one another, destroying them psychologically. Stuck up fascist bitches deserve it.