Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bristol Palin in a Monkey Suit

I woke up this morning to find that I was popular! Not as popular as a 42 year old born-again virgin that hasn't jilled off in 20 years is in Delaware. But I ain't bad. Overnight, 40 of you visited my humble blog looking for Bristol Palin in a monkey suit. There you go sweet readers! I always aim to please.
bristol palin monkey I think Bristol is wearing the pink tutu and the big bow but you never know. Would have been funny if the "girl" gorilla ripped off her costume to reveal, Mark Ballas -- but my gut tells me that would have been too edgy.

bristol balin stripping out of monkey suit and looking all tan and deliciousBristol Palin is looking all tan and delicious (like a plump, juicy, glistening, golden brown turkey). I think she's enjoying the California lifestyle. More practice, less lounging by the pool, Bristol! Or your fat ass is going back north to all that ice and snow! Seriously, how is Sarah ever going to get her back home to the frozen tundra?*

Why did so many visitors desperate to see Bristol Palin in a monkey suit end up here where before this post there was no Bristol Palin in a monkey suit?

bristol palin monkey Type in "Bristol Palin monkey" and I was number 9 and number 10. Not too shabby!

Now that I actually wrote a bit about Bristol Palin in a monkey suit, I'm sure I'll plummet in the standings.

*TMZ is reporting that Sarah Palin has booked her daughter Bristol on the 4th season of the Flavor of Love. Bristol is promising to be both modest and competitive.


  1. Bobby,

    As much as I hate what Sarah Palin is doing to my Republican Party, and I hate her more than Hillary, Anita Hill and Capitol Hill combined, I'm starting to feel sorry for Bristol.

    It seems obvious that she does not want to be there. Her mother feels that it is necessary to squeeze every drop of publicity out of her children. I hear rumors that her "mentally-challenged" kid is going to be a contestant on Fox's Are You Smarter Than Christine O'Donnell?


  2. Bill,

    What are you getting soft down there in hell?

    I wouldn't fuck Bristol Palin with Ann Coulter's banana! Even if Bristol wore a monkey suit!


    BTW, it's a gorilla suit people.

  3. Bobby,

    Still using my joke.

    Someday, if you work really hard, grovel at my feet, practice, practice, practice, you will...

    who am I kidding? The very best you can hope for is someday aspiring to mediocrity.