Friday, October 8, 2010

Brett Favre's Junk

Brett Favre's penis,junk,cock,johnson,tadpole,stump I haven't actually seen Brett Favre's junk because I'm at work and deadspin is blocked. But I have heard endless hours of penis discussion on sports talk radio, so I think have a pretty good idea what it looks like. Am I close?

Phil Spector's hair and an old turkey neck -- grizzled, gray, wrinkled and floppy.

If I was Brett Favre and I was going to use photos of my dick to snag a hot babe, I would spend some time getting my dick ready before I took the photo. First, I would clean all the pigshit off of it. Brett is always covered in pigshit. Next, I would trim my pubes high and tight. Then, I would rub in some oil so it was nice and shiny and get it as big and as engorged as possible. If I was Brett Favre, I would take 15 seconds and just look at my wife, Deanna, because she is drop dead gorgeous.

sexy deanna favre looking hot That's Brett Favre with his beautiful wife, Deanna. I'm hard already.

After all my preparation, when my dick was looking its very best, kinda like this:

photo of my penis that I would send to Jenn Strager
I'd take a photo of it and send it to Jenn Sterger. If you are going after a trophy catch, you have to use the right bait. You can't just wiggle an old worm in front of her face and expect her to bite. Hmm, ouch.

jenn sterger hot
Damn, that Jenn Sterger is so hot she reminds me of Deanna Favre!!!

deanna favre and jenn sterger look a like! Wow, they could be twins -- if Deanna Favre was 15 years younger... They really do look a like.
Wait one minute, is a 40-year old Brett Favre trying to date his wife when she was 25?


  1. ...damn.

    My penis sympathizes and whole heartedly agree.

    though to be fair, the man can shit the money to get any girl off the street and have enough plastic surgery to make the silicon version of his wife out of Susan Boyle...or John Bolton.

  2. Alpha,

    Thanks for the comment!

    That would be a good premise for a movie. Instead of just taking the glasses off an obviously hot chick and teaching her how to walk in heels, the hero pays for massive amounts of plastic surgery.


  3. I'd like to see what your wife or dvd girlfriend looks like...that's what I thought, get a life stud, go ahead and delete my comment so you can look like the complete douche that you are with your whole two comments....DOUCHE BAG, I'll be sure to post this on my post which more that two people look at, "melon" must be short for your mom...Melony, Alpha Za must be her friend Alphalpha....dumbass...

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks for the comment!

    Pretty tough talk from a guy with a separated shoulder that hides behind some fake greek name, Brett.

    I have an old Packers Jersey from 1996, if I send it to you, do you think you can sign it, please? You got so robbed. No way Desmond Howard should have been MVP.

    Good luck tonight in Detroit!


  5. Brett Favre is a living legend. Many athletes are great but very few make the needle move. Very few make you sit in front of the TV for hours, just because you don’t want to miss what they do, or how they do it. NOBODY, not even Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, bring the flair that Favre did. NOBODY shows more enthusiasm.

  6. Ew...Both of them are gross.

    I live in manhattan and see women including myself who are drop dead gorgeous without make- up or surgery. how sad. The whorish looking female has nasty skin.

    Too much make up( and it's poorly applied) and big noses, fake breasts. I have breasts like that naturally and I keep them covered.

    At least Favres wife does not look like a prostitute.

    Brettless football is the pits. Tebow came along and revived it all for me. I love, love, love some football nail bitey drama.

    I don't care who he sent a photo of his junk to..not my business.

    If my wife looked all haggy like that I might send a photo of my junk to someone else too.

  7. Dear NYBEAUTY,

    Thanks for the comment!

    I see those same drop dead gorgeous women walking around the city with their large,carefully covered breasts.

    You're not one of those Hassid women are you?


    If not, howabout we sext each other photos?

  8. Hey Brett, I only wish that you could shock football fans around our globe by coming out of retirement for one last time and be quarterback for my Philadelphia Eagles! If anybody can win them a Super Bowl, it could only be you that does so! Your fan for life, Kevin.