Friday, October 1, 2010

Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars: Exclusive Photos!

Bristol Palin dancing with her partner Mark Ballas on Dancing with the Stars!

bristol palin and mark ballas dancing on dancing with the stars Bristol and Mark posing for a publicity still.

bristol palin and mark ballas in love
Rare pink hippo found in Kenya.

rare pink hippo in kenya Don't bother with the hate mail. First, I have better legs than Bristol Palin and I've got massive calves from playing hockey my whole life. What I also have are these two, cute little body parts called ankles. Bristol, buy yourself a pair of ankles with your new found wealth.

Second, Sarah Palin thinks the media is unfair to her family but her daughter Bristol is a Paris Hilton wannabe. They're both media whores as long as the pimp is Rupert Murdoch. Hey Bristol, wanna be just like Paris Hilton? I reckin' ya better start snortin' the cocaine or give anorexia a try.

Third, that pink hippo in the movie was a pretty good dancer. If Bristol can learn to dance like that pink hippo, she might win. So, this post is actually complimentary.


  1. Bobby,

    I don't understand why there's a photo of my grandmother's couch in the bit.

    Oh, it's a dress...

    Oh my, is that little Bristol?



  2. Bill,

    Throw a couple of pillows on that bad girl, hand me the remote and I'm good for the weekend!


  3. Bobby,

    If you end up crashing on Britol, would you mind looking in the crack behind those cushions? I've misplaced my wallet and car keys.


  4. Bristol looks like Britney (Really Fat the Me Want Food Britney)

    I think she needs some plastic surgery before she shoots a 'video'

    Just a suggestion.

    Hippo does look rather graceful

  5. Alpha,


    Thanks for the comment!