Thursday, October 14, 2010

DWTS - Bristol Palin, Modest or Sexy?

Bristol Palin, Paid Teen Abstinence Advocate, is a contestant on Dancing With the Stars and is doing her darndest to stay modest. That's Bristol down there lying prone on the floor, awash in pink light, her hair artfully arranged by a team of grips and bestboys.

Let's go over the definition of modest, shall we? These Shaker Sisters are my idea of modest.

christine o'donnell, bristol palin and her sisters aren't lesbians, they're abstinent Not only are these gals going to remain abstinent, so are any men that accidently gaze upon them. I'm even willing to bet big money that when these sisters get together to can pickles, not a one goes a missing. I think that's Christine O'Donnell all the way to the right.
bristol palin sexy Bristol looks less modest by comparison.

Now, if I was a total dick looking for a cheap laugh, I would slap some Candie's Foundation abstinence propaganda on that pink porno Bristol Palin photo and see how it looks.

Bristol Palin, Official Teen Abstinence Advocate Never let it be said that I am unwilling to go for a cheap laugh or that I'm not a total dick.

But Bristol's mom, Sarah would say that we're looking at her daughter with corrupt and evil, East Coast media ivy league bias not heartland, middle America righteous stuff. What do the good people of the prairie see when they look at this image?

bristol palin modest or sexy Jesus Christ! Really? Damn, I am evil, I live on the East Coast and I get poison ivy all the time. I guess Bristol Palin is modest.

Bristol Palin sloppy secondsWait, just one Iowa cornhusking minute! Even the most righteous Idaho Mormons have to admit that Bristol looks like she just dragged herself out of a damp bed after a good pounding. Her outfit and her after-sex hairdo is so sexy, it makes the dancer dude look straight. I don't think the good Sisters of New Lebanon would approve but my dick sure does.

Bristol Palin, modest or sexy?


  1. If she were a horse, they would say "rode hard and put away wet."

  2. Dear Mr./Ms.?Mr. Kitten,

    Thanks for the comment!

    You wouldn't believe how close I was to including that phrase! Thought the same thing but I try not to use too many words because the peeps hate to read.

    Are you a Hillary like a Clinton or a Hillary like that hairy guy with the penis that climbed Mt. Everest?


  3. Hey Bob,
    Keep up with the Bristol hate, its means more pics of this 'girl next door' get posted! Va va voom

  4. Mike,

    Thanks for the comment!

    I hear you -- I've always had a weakness for corn-fed, kind of sloppy, girl nest door types!


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