Friday, October 22, 2010

Deanna Favre Stands By Her Man*

funny deanna favre, deanna favre stands by her man,brett
Deanna Favre has faith, not in her husband Brett Favre, in Our Lord Jesus Christ. She's depending on God to see her through this crisis. Because, while God and Jesus are too busy raking leaves to attend to starving children, pedophile priests, victims of genocide, tsunamis, earthquakes, or floods, they are willing to go that extra mile for a millionaire housewife from Mississippi that is suffering because her dirtbag husband is sending pictures of his dick to hot young women. God and Son, Inc. work in mysterious ways.

How do you go from this:

To this?

funny deanna favre, deanna favre stands by her man,brett


brett favre penis worm junk
Funny thing is, you knew that there had to be something funny eventually, that is the point of this blog. Funny thing is, that the photo of Deanna Favre looking pissed off that every website is using today is not recent. It's from a 2008 ESPN press orgy where Brett announced one of his legendary retirements. Deanna has that look, not because her husband has been e-mailing photos of his worm to every 25 year old babe in New York but because she's horrified that the worm might be spending the fall and winter at home in Mississippi.

*The Man Deanna is standing by is not Brett, it's the J-Dog with the captital J.

Pathetic Defense of this Unfunny Bit
According to the stats, 95% of the people that come here are looking for four things:
1. Morning camel toe
2. Sandra Bullock's ass
3. C.C. Sabathia's pants
4. Photos of Brett Favre's beautiful wife.


  1. Bobby,

    You're a mean sonofabitch. If the woman wants to put inspirational psalms on her refrigerator next to the drawings that her kids made in school of their daddy's cock, that is her right and none of your business.

    What the hell is that worm thing? Are you the only red-blooded American male in the USA that hasn't seen Brett Fvre's penis?


  2. Bill,

    Brett Favre's refrigerator! That's a bit.

    Sadly, I have not seen Brett Favre's penis. Am I close? That's a gray worm (Aporrectodea caliginosa) because Brett is so gray and grizzled, two golden raisins and Bob Ross' chin.


  3. Bobby,

    Who the hell is Bob Ross?

    Brett Favre uncircumsized? Does the pigshit accumulate under his foreskin along with the smegma?


  4. Bill,

    Bob Ross is the white guy with the Oscar Gamble afro that teaches housewives how to paint on PBS.

    Don't even go near the foreskin, friend. The "Defenders of the Foreskin" are crazier than a born-again teabagger! They get to keep their foreskin but apparently the mohel cuts off their senses of humor.