Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Fotoshop Funnies: Bristol Palin Shakes her Money Maker!

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Bristol Palin appeared as a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars" dressed like a frontier floozy. Her partner, Mark Ballas, dressed like a busboy.

funny bristol palin dancing Bristol Palin looks like she could be standing on a corner in Anchorage. "What's that biatch? Only $40? You shittin' me? With all those Russian ships in port? Tomorrow night you wearing black leggings or I cut you like a codfish." Those legs look like they should be holding up a dock in Homer, Alaska or maybe telephone lines.

funny bristol palin dancing Okay, I'm a lazy sonofabitch. Can you be more funny?
Any balloon is acceptable. Gay guy thinking.
Bristol thinking, (rimshot, please), gay guy
screaming as that leg causes a hernia
to pop through his abdominal wall.
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funny bristol palin dancingKenneth Boyer of St. Louis is even lazier than me.

funny bristol palin dancingWayneRedGarret11 sent in another gay
obsessed caption. It does look like the guy
is hoping to get a whiff of Levi's cologne.
I believe that Levi wears Musk. Not cologne,
the actual musk from a muskox.

funny bristol palin dancing Richard Hebner of Boston hits one deep, it's high,
it's far, it's gone!

DavidWrightWinger goes all sweet and innocent.

Finally someone gets political.
Thanks Michael Phillips from Beaumont, Texas.

I just noticed I mispelled gardener because
HubieB7 misspelled it in his e-mail.
Crap! It's a royal pain in the ass because
I have to redo the whole thing in photoshop
because I was too lazy to save it as a separate layer.

I'm guessing that KK Chapman of Cali
was figuring that you'd have to lift Limbaugh's massive gut
to gain access to his pecker.

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  2. Bobby,

    I drop an F-bomb and the C-word and you delete me? What is this the New York Times? Okay Mr. Ashcroft, I cleaned it up a little.

    Everytime Palin says she hates the media her clit grows a little. She long ago passed Todd and is heading into Safire territory.


    The guy is thinking: "Her vag is drooping like she's pushed 2 macrocephalics through."

    And Bristol is thinking: "If more boys in high school were this nice, I would have been even looser -- because I would have had to push a whole bunch more of those big, mongoloid heads through."

    Because everybody knows that Sarah Palin faked her last couple of pregnancies in order to cover up Bristol's myriad of indiscetions.


    You have another typo in the founding father one. Get off your lazyass and fix both.

  3. id lick that pussy mmm

  4. Dear anonymous,

    Get in line!

    Thankd for the comment,