Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fotoshop Funnies - Sarah Palin Goes Old School

ANCHORAGE (AP) - Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck were paid an oil-tanker-load of money to appear at a 9/11 Rememberance Event.

Sarah Palin, canklesGlenn Beck likes to use a blackboard to carefully explain his hatred-filled lies. So, Sarah Palin did the same. You go girl!

Sarah Palin looks more adn more like Hillary Clinton Oh no! Sarah was too busy to prepare for the event
and is solving anagrams on the fly -- always a risky move. Try again, Sarah!

Sarah Palin is rash backwards Yuck, that's not much better. You better get that looked at Mrs. Palin.

Yea! Sarah Palin nails it!

OK. Stop right there. I'm pulling the plug on this Friday Fotoshop Funny, LOOK AT THOSE CANKLES!!!

What's going to happen to Sarah Palin when she looks just like Hillary Clinton? The woman's appearance seems to be deteriorating rapidly. She already has a lot of weird, old lady stuff happening to her neck -- wrinkles, brown spots, dare I say, jowls. And her face is starting to look like a stomping ground for big, black crows. Will Sarah have the same broad, grassroots appeal when she's an old broad in a designer pant suit? More importantly, what is the future of the Republican Party!?!

Have no fear my right-minded friends, I know the answer...

from Joe Biden's own backyard, I give you Delaware's own
Christine O'Donnell
She's younger...
funny Christine O'Donnell

She's cuter...
funny Christine O'Donnell

She's already got all the moves down...

funny Christine O'Donnell Sarah Palin together again

She's way more conservative...funny Christine O'Donnell looking sexy
And from the looks of her, she will be lots of fun at
those teabagging parties...funny Christine O'Donnell proving her teabagging abilities
Sarah Palin may have to unpack the long johns and disappear into that long, cold winter's night.


  1. Bobby!

    It's the message not the messenger.

    Beck and Limbaugh are not exactly raising tents across the heartland of our great country.

    Blackboard photo seems like a great premise for a foto funny but as Darla said to Spanky, "I've been Stymied!"


  2. Bill,

    Beck and Limbaugh are not being selected to run as Vice President, yet.

    Yeah, I agree with the blackboard photo. I got nothing. As Alfalfa said to Buckwheat, "If that fatass Spanky cracks wise with me one more time, I'm gonna put a cap in that beanie."


  3. Hey Bob,
    There is only one way to settle the score, a good old fashioned mud wrestle.