Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pope Benedict's Historic Return to the British Isles Inspires the Return of an Old Bit About Church Pedophilia

My primary source of broadcast news is the BBC. I find it less biased and their reporter's names remind me of those wacky characters in Monty Python bits. The BBC has been pushing Pope Benedict's visit hard. It's good to see that some long standing traditions in the Catholic Church remain. Priests rape children and the Church covers it up. This pope may be wurst than the last one.

Here's an old bit from 2002. Oldtime Opie and Anthony fans will find an endless amount inside references.

Welcome to the City of Boston's
Little Miss Altar Boy 2002

Welcome to the wonderful world of Little Miss Altar Boy Boston! The Mission of our Pageant is to promote the Teachings to Catholics and All People of God, to Help them Deepen their understanding of Our Catholic Faith and to check out the latest talent from parishes across greater Boston!


Until I can figure out how to get an animated gif to work in blogger, dammit. Can anyone help?

Before you waste your time sending me hate mail understand this, the only thing worse than a sick deviant priest that buggers a child is the Church heirarchy that protects him.


  1. Bob,

    Your caveat is so true. The church protects its own pedophile. Really? how unrealistic is that to give up the most basic human instinct, to fuck.


  2. Virginia,

    Thanks for the comment!

    I totally agree.

    Do you know how to get an animated gif to work?

  3. I feel like you just yanked the rug from under my feet.


    Figure it out. I have no fucking idea.

  4. You didn't miss much -- it wasn't that good. And I have faith that my 3 readers will figure this out.

  5. Bob,

    Uhm no... what the hell is a gif? I suspect it is one of those moving pictures that you see on some blogs that can be totally annoying?


  6. Virginia,

    Exactly, but my animated gifs are the only truely funny and non-annoying ones in all the internet. I promise.